Took a stab at a pattern.  Really like how it came out, so I put it up on Society6. (

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It’s waiting for you out there. Go out and explore!

-photo credit: Paul Jarvis via Unsplash

The Dripolator is such a great coffee place in Black Mountain!

Search For Simplicity In All Things

Don’t over-complicate or over-think things.  Keep it simple and trust in your abilities. Your best work will come out when you let go of your restraints.

Just a little insight into my process from the sketch, to ink, to color and final product.

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If you have put in the time and effort, all there is left to do is trust in your abilities. Be confident in what you do.

Photo from Yoni Kaplan-Nadel via Unsplash

Work hard, keep your feet on the ground and be patient.  Good things will present themselves in time.

Threw this together last night while practicing some numbers and wanted to share.  Made some backgrounds if anyone would like to download them.

The buzz is back! Not that anyone really cares….

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Welcome to my blog!  Along with my new portfolio site being done, I have started a blog for sketches, processes, photos and other unsolicited random thoughts. 

Another unknown benefit to my new portfolio site was my girlfriend reigniting her love for photography, and it all stems from this photo she took with her iPhone. It just shows that inspiration can come at the unlikeliest times. It is something I must remind myself daily!

I hope you enjoy the site and blog.  Thanks for stopping by and check back soon and often!